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The eFuel Alliance is committed to the expansion and promotion of the global production of eFuels and to their widespread use in many sectors. Our goal is for eFuels to gain political acceptance and regulatory approval as a significant contributor to sustainable climate protection.


Who we are
and what we stand for

The eFuel Alliance is a stakeholder initiative dedicated to the industrial production of synthetic liquid fuels from renewable energies and sustainable biomass. It is open to all organisations and interested parties who share the goal of establishing and promoting eFuels as a contributor to climate protection – and helping to make them accepted worldwide. This includes individual companies, associations and individuals, including from the petroleum trade and the petroleum industry, the automotive and automotive supplier industry, mechanical and plant construction, research and science, the aviation and maritime industry, the chemical industry, the energy production and generation sector and, of course, the employee and employer representatives from these areas.


Tasks and goals
of the initiative

The eFuel Alliance has set itself the goal of advancing and intensifying the production of synthetic liquid fuels. We therefore actively promote the advantages of eFuels to politicians and authorities, stakeholders, the public, the scientific community and the media. We are also proactive in influencing decision-making and the wider public debate. The eFuel Alliance brings together and strengthens the common interests of its members, and is a recognised interlocutor for all matters relating to eFuels and synthetic liquid fuels.


The eFuel Alliance is made up of companies and institutes from various industries that want to promote the establishment of eFuels. Our members include:


Speakers & responsible persons

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Governing Board

Dr. Monika Griefahn
    Jens-Christian Senger
      Liana Gouta
        Dr. Volkmar Pflug
        Siemens Energy
          Jakob Lagercrantz
            Dr. Peter Seifried
              Andreas Henke
              Piёch Automotive
                Udo Weber
                  Carl Nyberg
                    Jürgen Roth
                    eFuel Alliance Austria
                      Nils Aldag
                        Dr. Martin Berger

                          Sounding Board

                          Dr. Felix Leach
                          University of Oxford
                            Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff
                            Managing Director at NOW GmbH
                              Prof. David Chiaramonti
                              Polytechnic of Turin
                                Prof. Bernhard Geringer
                                Vienna University of Technology
                                  Dr. Michael Vesper
                                  Former minister in North Rhine-Westphalia of the Green Party
                                    Norbert Haug
                                    Former Motorsport Manager
                                      Prof. Öivind Andersson
                                      Lund University
                                        Johannes Remmel
                                        MP of the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament (Green party)
                                          Ole von Beust
                                          Former mayor of the City of Hamburg (CDU)


                                            Ralf Diemer
                                            Managing Director
                                            Georg Ehrmann
                                            Vice Managing Director
                                            Dr. Tobias Block
                                            Head of Strategy and Content
                                            Algara Castle
                                            Head of EU Affairs
                                            Matthias Spangenberg
                                            Head of EU Affairs
                                            Kristine Schmidt
                                            Head of Administration/ Policy Officer
                                            Marlene Hermfisse
                                            Policy Officer Monitoring, Research, Internal Communication
                                            Claudia Bender

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