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Europe must finally solve its energy dilemma

Monika Griefahn: Delegated act on sustainability criteria for eFuels still missing - eFuel Alliance criticises lack of reliable regulation

Setback for consumers and climate protection: EU parliamentary committee votes for ban on internal combustion vehicles

Interest group criticizes rejection of flexible technology mix in road transport

Mobility: No one sided focus on e cars

Interest group calls for affordable mobility based on a technology mix that also includes climate neutral synthetic fuels

The solution to the European energy dilemma

Renewable fuels can replace up to 70% of Russian crude oil imports by 2030.

eFuels in International Energy Partnerships - Win-Win or Winner Takes It All?

Green hydrogen and eFuels could become a cornerstone of a carbonneutral global energy system, while boosting economies around the world, a group of…

Expanded eFuels Alliance appoints a new board for a new era

At its general assembly on Thursday, the eFuel Alliance elected a new board of directors. Since its founding in summer 2021, the membership has not…

Joint Response of the Renewable & Low Carbon Liquid Fuels Platform

The members of the Renewable & Low-Carbon Liquid Fuels Platform are committed to the climate-neutral economy by 2050, supporting a pathway which…

DEUTZ joins eFuel Alliance

Engine manufacturer DEUTZ has joined the eFuel Alliance, and in doing so taken another important step forward in its sustainability strategy.

eFuel Alliance at IAA MOBILITY - live in Munich

eFuel Alliance is looking forward to presenting the latest information, current facts and interesting background information on eFuels, i.e. synthetic…

(Un)Fit for 55? Fueling Europe's Sustainable Future

Policy makers from the European Parliament and the European Commission joined the eFuel Alliance to take stock of the 'Fit for 55 Package'.

(Un)Fit for 55!

The "Fit for 55" package released today clearly does not make the EU fit enough for a climate-neutral future.

Letter by the Renewable & Low-Carbon Liquid Fuels Platform to the European Commission on the "Fit for 55" package

The Platform, of which the eFuel Alliance is a member, calls for technology neutrality and the inclusion of eFuels in the EC's"Fit for 55" package.

A rethink of energy taxation is crucial – for the climate and consumers

Fair treatment for all energy sources is crucial for European climate policy, and for the consumers on whose support the transition will depend.

End of the road for a one-sided climate policy

Climate protection must be practical and must have the support of ordinary people, those who buy and drive cars.

Fair competition for future fuels

More climate protection through voluntary crediting of renewable fuels in CO2 fleet regulation.

The eFuel Alliance and nine other organisations join together to form the Renewable & Low-Carbon Liquid Fuels Platform

The ten member organisations highlight the importance of renewable and low-carbon liquid fuels for a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

eFuel Alliance elects new Board of Directors and Sounding Board

General assembly sets course for the future

eFuel (Alliance) in the media

Porsche and Siemens Energy advance climate-neutral eFuels development

Porsche, Siemens Energy and a lineup of international companies are developing and implementing a pilot project in Chile that is expected to yield the…

German Carmakers Seek E-Fuel Help as EU Tightens Climate Goals

Germany’s car industry is looking for assurances that a plan to make deeper cuts in carbon pollution in the European Union will leave a loophole for…

‘E-fuels crucial for making heavy transport more sustainable’

Dutch research institute TNO calls for a joint effort of the entire transport sector in the transition to e-fuels in order to meet the climate…

TNO: e-fuels crucial to sustainable heavy transport

Synthetic fuels produced from electricity, or e-fuels, will play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions from long-distance truck transport,…

German fuelling association UNITI to push for e-fuels in Europe

The leading association for small and medium fuel retailers in Germany will be opening an office in Brussels to bring synthetic fuels to the energy…

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