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Selection of announced or already existing production sites

Industrial production of eFuels is waiting in the wings. Dozens of production plants have been announced around the world, but a lack of investment and planning certainty is stalling development. Yet the global potential is enormous. Political framework conditions and bureaucratic processes determine the speed of the ramp-up of new technologies. Only with suitable legal regulations can transformations be accelerated and market incentives created.

Start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and global players are setting themselves up broadly along the eFuel value chain and are working together on the market introduction and scaling of eFuels. Below you can find an overview of selected locations.

This overview does not aim to be an exhaustive list.

The world map is continuously being updated. Is there an eFuels production facility you cannot find on the map? Please contact us using the following form. We will add the production site after verification.

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