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Speakers & responsible persons

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Governing Board

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Dr. Monika Griefahn
    Andreas Henke
    Vice Chair
      Petter Vådal
      Circle-K Europe
        Mattias Goldmann
          Thorsten Herdan
          HIF EMEA
            Karsten Schulze
              Michele Viglianisi
                Jens-Christian Senger
                  Liana Gouta
                  HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A.
                    Dr. Volkmar Pflug
                    Siemens Energy
                      Dr. Peter Seifried
                        Udo Weber
                          Carl Nyberg
                            Jürgen Roth
                            eFuel Alliance Austria
                              Dr. Martin Berger

                                Sounding Board

                                Kirsten Lühmann
                                Former transport policy spokeswoman of the SPD parliamentary group
                                  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sterner
                                  Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg
                                    Prof. Dr. Ralph Mayer
                                    TU Chemnitz
                                      Dr. Felix Leach
                                      University of Oxford
                                        Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff
                                        Managing Director at NOW GmbH
                                          Prof. David Chiaramonti
                                          Polytechnic of Turin
                                            Prof. Bernhard Geringer
                                            Vienna University of Technology
                                              Dr. Michael Vesper
                                              Former minister in North Rhine-Westphalia of the Green Party
                                                Norbert Haug
                                                Former Motorsport Manager
                                                  Prof. Öivind Andersson
                                                  Lund University
                                                    Johannes Remmel
                                                    Former MP of the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament (Green party)
                                                      Ole von Beust
                                                      Former mayor of the City of Hamburg (CDU)


                                                        Ralf Diemer
                                                        Managing Director
                                                        Georg Ehrmann
                                                        Vice Managing Director
                                                        Dr. Tobias Block
                                                        Head of Strategy and Content
                                                        Algara Castle
                                                        Head of EU Affairs
                                                        Lars Hummel
                                                        Policy Officer
                                                        Jan Wehrhold
                                                        Head of Press and Public Relations
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                                                        Kristine Schmidt
                                                        Head of Administration/ Policy Officer
                                                        Marlene Hermfisse
                                                        Policy Officer
                                                        Michaela Korb