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Hydrogen Insights Report 2021

A perspective on hydrogen investment, market development and cost competitiveness. Report by the Hydrogen Council in cooperation with McKinsey &…

Powerfuels in a Renewable Energy World

Study by the German Energy Agency and LUT University

International Hydrogen Strategies

A study commissioned by and in cooperation with the World Energy Council Germany

Carbon Abatement Costs along the Value Chain

Frontier Economics Report for NGVA Europe

Synthetic fuels: potential for Europe

Climate protection impact and value-added effects of ramping up the production of elec-tricity-based liquid energy carriers

The Concept of Efficiency in the German Climate Policy Debate on Road Transport

A comprehensive approach to assessing the efficiency of technologies

Report for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Crediting system for renewable fuels in EU emission standards for road transport

The overall CO2 impact for drive technologies in individual transport today and in the future

Life cycle analyses as the basis for targeted climate policy and regulation

2018: World Energy Council Germany / Frontier Economics

World Energy Council Germany / Frontier Economics 2018

International Aspects Of A Power-To-X Roadmap

2018: Prognos et al.

Prognos et al. 2018

Status And Perspectives Of Liquid Energy Sources In The Energy Transition

2017: LBST / dena 2017

LBST / dena 2017

E-Fuels – The potential of electricity based fuels for low emission transport in the EU

eFuel Alliance Information brochures

Life Cycle Analyses (LCA)

Brief comparison between eight current studies: The carbon footprint of different car drive technologies

eFuels: climate-neutral synthetic fuels

eFuel Alliance information brochure